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Ford UK launches take back scheme for pre-2010 cars

United Kingdom – Ford Motor Company in the UK has launched a vehicle scrappage scheme for cars built before 2010., Ford’s scrap car recycling partner will work together with Ford dealerships to ensure that vehicles recycled with them under the scheme are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and that the legal paperwork requirements are dealt with efficiently.

CarTakeBack has been Ford’s approved scrap car recycling partner since the inception of the End of Life Vehicle regulations by the UK government in 2005.

This has seen CarTakeBack divert over 600 000 tonnes of materials from scrap cars ending up in landfill, which included recycling over 900 000 Ford cars.

During the vehicle scrappage scheme launched by the government in 2009, which gave customers £ 2000 off the purchase of a new car when they recycled their old one, CarTakeBack recycled 240 000 of the 400 000 vehicles that were accepted through the scheme.

Each of the 240 000 vehicles recycled by CarTakeBack had a so-called DVLA Certificate of Destruction issued for it, which triggered the approval of the £480 million (Euro 520 million) which was paid out in scrappage incentives.

Over 4.5 million Certificates of Destruction have been issued to date.

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