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Food-grade polypropylene innovators win packaging award

UK venture NextLoopp has won a Worldstar Award in recognition of its solution for food-grade recycled polypropylene (PP) packaging.

Single-use food packaging is increasingly popular in today’s society, creating both a growing waste stream and concerns over carbon emissions. Recycling these plastics has proved to be easier said than done but that is changing.

NextLoopp uses two unique innovations that involve invisible ultraviolet-fluorescent markers on labels for PP sorting and cutting-edge decontamination technologies. According to the company, recent trials achieved a 99.9% sorting purity at maximum production speed.

‘It’s wonderful to get this high level of recognition as it endorses all the hard work and the commitment of the 38 organisations that have joined to help deliver this goal,’ says Edward Kosior, ceo of plastics recycling consultancy Nextex, which is part of the consortium. 

‘Recycling PP to food-grade status is as simple as adding one layer of ink to a label so that it can be recovered back into new products,’ he adds. ‘Small changes can create big impacts. Thank you WorldStar for your award and the greater exposure that has happened as a result.’

Kosior says the key driver for this work is the 80% reduction in CO2 emissions, lower demand for virgin plastics and increased circularity in society. ‘Importantly, this also sends a powerful message to consumers that we need to limit the use of new resources since it inevitably damages the habitat for many species.’

The awards are organised by the World Packaging Organisation, an international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations.

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