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ELV training centre to boost Turkey’s recycling standards

Turkey – In order to raise education levels among Turkish end-of-life vehicle (ELV) operators, the country’s car dismantlers’ association ÖTASAD has opened a dedicated training centre known as Ó¦taset at Kocaeli near Istanbul. This follows strengthened domestic ELV regulations and is aimed at lifting operational standards.

Günay Dar, president of Ötasad, describes the centre as ‘a first step towards a more sustainable recycling system, which equates to European standards’. The facility is claimed to be ‘the first of its kind’ in Turkey. Although Turkey is facing a major increase in its vehicle population, there is no designated end-of-life infrastructure.

The fully-equipped training centre is located at the facility of Turkish ELV recycler Remer. At the company, technically or economically total-loss vehicles are stripped while the car body is delivered directly to steelmakers. Remer aims to increase its capacity to around 6000 ELVs per year.

The establishment of the non-profit training centre forms part of a co-operation involving the Turkish government and was funded by the Dutch government. Apart from the authorities, the partnership includes project co-ordinator and training expert Ameco, depollution equipment provider SEDA and ELV experts at Auto Recycling Netherlands (ARN).

At the centre’s inauguration, a delegation of Turkish and Dutch government representatives – as well as close to 150 other visitors – toured the facility, which is equipped with two depollution units and other necessary tools, classrooms and overnight accommodation.

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