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Ecosurety and Hubbub look to fix ‘disconnect’ between consumer and industry

United Kingdom – Leading resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety has joined forces with environmental charity Hubbub to increase transparency and, ultimately, recycling rates in the UK via consumer awareness campaigns.

Recent campaigns by Hubbub include a high-profile coffee cup recycling initiative which has led to over 1.2 million being recycled, as well as a forthcoming campaign to boost the recycling of plastic waste.

‘The partnership will see regular canvassing of opinion from obligated producers and recyclers about which issues or campaigns should be prioritised across producer responsibility compliance,’ according to Ecosurety.

This autumn, the two organisations will also launch a public awareness campaign along with major UK retailers to encourage more households to recycle domestic batteries. The UK missed its 2016 battery collection target, with collection being met ‘disproportionately’ by lead-acid batteries, says Ecosurety.

‘We strongly feel that if UK consumers were better informed and therefore better able to care about recycling best practice, our recycling rates would increase even further,’ comments James Piper, managing director of Ecosurety. ‘The collaboration with Hubbub and use of compliance evidence money that has already been spent by producers, aims to fix this disconnect between the consumer and the waste and recycling industry.’

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