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Eco-design is here to stay!

United States – In the first quarter of this year, forty new Cradle to Cradle certifications were issued, as compared to 28 during the same period in 2015; a 40% increase for the US-based Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

There are now over 400 active Cradle to Cradle certifications, covering more than 3000 products across a wide variety of industries including construction, fashion and furniture. Nearly 200 leading brands around the world are already involved in the certification programme, supported by 16 global product assessment bodies.

‘The results clearly prove that cradle-to-cradle is not at all a futuristic vision, it is already a reality. Especially in Western Europe and North America,’ according to Lewis Perkins, the group’s newly-appointed president. He adds that the construction market as well as the fashion industry count as markets showing ‘continued and significant growth’. The e-scrap waste stream poses ‘quite a challenge’, Perkins admits.

He noted that recent design breakthroughs range from bio-yarn made from ocean plastics and sustainable solar panels to Lego-inspired construction bricks that allow the user to disassemble and rebuild a wall at any time.

The institute is now working on updating the C2C certification standards according to the latest technological innovations and legislative framework. 

Our upcoming June/July issue will feature an interview with Lewis Perkins in which he details the latest developments on the eco-design front.

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