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Early-2014 start-up for Weitsman shredder

United States – A new ‘state-of-the-art’ metal shredder facility will be in operation at the Ben Weitsman scrap yard and port facility at Albany in the US state of New York by April next year, according to the company.

The Albany project represents a total investment of US$ 25 million (Euro 18 million) and is seen as ‘the next step in building a metals recycling network of yards in New York and Pennsylvania to feed the new shredder’, explains owner Adam Weitsman of mother company Upstate Shredding- Ben Weitsman.

The new high-powered auto shredder and downstream includes several technological advances to ensure maximum recycling value, it is claimed. These systems include separation technologies to recover wire, plastics, non-ferrous metals and other materials such as fines.

Now with 15 locations in New York and Pennsylvania, Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman has seen rapid growth over the past half-year. On average last summer, it acquired a new location every month. Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman is claimed to be one of the largest scrap companies in North America. On an annual basis, it expects to process 1 million tonnes of ferrous scrap and more than 200 million pounds of non-ferrous scrap by 2014.

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