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Dutch commodities centre to be built on ‘creative thinking’

The Netherlands – Dutch research company TNO and the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) are pooling their resource efficiency know-how within the new Commodities Expertise Centre, which will monitor resource-related trends and serve as a think-tank for the Netherlands.

Owing to the major fluctuations in global commodity markets as well as to constant developments in the field of resource efficiency, ‘timely anticipation’ of risks and prospects is not possible; however, this uncertainty can be countered by ‘creative thinking’ about economics, diplomacy and other drivers, argues the body’s managing director Rob de Wijk.

The centre will focus on offering strategic advice about resources, as well as mapping out and helping to interpret knowledge of mining, alternative raw materials and recycling.

A global opportunity

‘A meaningful way to contribute to the issue of critical raw materials is through innovation,’ asserts TNO managing director Mart van Bracht. ‘This is an opportunity, not only for the Netherlands, but also for Europe,’ he adds. Supply of raw materials has clearly become ‘the issue for the future’ for industry and governments around the globe, he declares.

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