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Constellium to aid Nespresso’s coffee capsule mission

Global – Switzerland-based Nespresso is partnering with aluminium products manufacturer Constellium to recycle used coffee capsules. The project, called Second Life, is aimed at integrating sustainability across Nespresso’€™s value chain by giving the used coffee capsules a new life.

Constellium will lend its expertise in metal supply and recycling using its aluminium casting and rolling plant at Singen in Germany.

In addition to creating new coffee capsules from old ones, Constellium’€™s facility will use the aluminium content to produce what it describes as ‘iconic and quintessentially Swiss products’ that will be sold over the summer at Victorinox and Nespresso shops in Switzerland, it explains.

‘€˜We are extremely proud to be working hand in hand with Nespresso to drive sustainability and innovation in Europe,’€™ comments Constellium sustainability leader Catherine Athènes. ‘€˜Recycling has always been an integral part of our business model and we are delighted that Nespresso selected us to lead the recycling of its coffee capsules.’€™

Constellium’s Muscle Shoals facility recycles the equivalent of 14 billion cans per year. The company is targetting an 80% recycling rate in Europe by 2020.

Meanwhile, the German city of Hamburg has recently announced it is pushing for legislation banning ‘unsustainable products’ like coffee capsules. 

Editor’s Tip: “Joining the Coffee Circle” – Lavazza and Novamont launch research project to produce 100% biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules

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