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Colombian firm claims hazardous waste breakthrough

Columbia – Ingerecuperar has developed a new process that can transform hazardous waste into raw materials for cement, aluminium and resins, the Colombian company has told news agency Colombia Inn. This breakthrough offers ‘the only solution in Colombia and Latin America for handling aluminium dross’, says general manager Carolina Guerra.

Ingerecuperar collects hazardous waste from where it is stored and transports it to its own facilities to transform it into ingots. Specialising in recycling dross from metals such as copper, zinc, magnesium, nickel, titanium, iron and steel, the company is forecasting sales of 700 million pesos (US$ 328 000) in 2014 and expects to expand its operations next year to Argentina, Brazil and Chile where the metallurgical industry has seen strong growth in recent years.

′Any type of dross can be treated to transform it again into usable raw material,′ Guerra points out. Since its launch in 2008, the recycler has dedicated itself to innovation and won the Colombian Award for Business Technology Innovation last year. It is now hailed as a pioneer in Latin America for recycling metal residues.

There are already plans to export new products made of recycled hazardous waste to Indonesia in 2015. ′For next year, and with the innovations coming from our research group, we expect to have sales of 2 billion pesos (US$ 938 000),′ Guerra comments.


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