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Camping innovation a big hit at Dutch festivals

The Netherlands – Dutch start-up company One Nights Tent has found a clever way to combine a love for music with a practical, sustainable lifestyle by providing bio-based, compostable and ‘100% recyclable’ two-man tents at major music festivals.

The design is similar to that of ′a simple tunnel tent′, says company founder Devin Malone, originally from the US state of Alaska. But there the similarity ends, as this camping innovation is made from a much lighter blown-film material and is designed ′from the ground up′.

Malone explains: ′At One Nights Tent, we believe that festival camping should be easier, cheaper, more fun, and more friendly to the environment, and to the people making the products.′ Users do not have to worry about where their tent came from or where it will end up because One Nights Tent provides its products on location and arranges take-back when the time comes for festival-goers to head back home.

This latter point is a particular advantage, according to Malone, because an enormous number of tents are left behind in the outdoors owing to convenience or damage. Considering there were over 55 000 people attending the recent music festival Lowlands, there is certainly a lot to be gained.

Combatting this typically overlooked type of waste dovetails with Malone′s vision: ′The companies that will succeed in the 21st century are going to be the ones who take care of their waste and their social obligations. Innovation is what gives us the basis for our quality of life.′

One Nights Tent is supported by Shell′s innovation platform Shell liveWIRE. Malone completed an MSc in industrial ecology at Leiden University and TU Delft in the Netherlands and reputedly started his first business when he was just eight years old.

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