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BIR’s Arnaud Brunet: developments in China ‘a real game-changer’

Asia – The changes announced by the Chinese leadership and its government regarding environmental policies and import restrictions have put the global recycling industry ‘€˜under stress’€™, according to Arnaud Brunet, director general of the BIR world recycling organisation.

In his New Year message to BIR members, Brunet describes developments in China as ‘a real game-changer’. He states: ‘My feeling is that there will be no real way back, that our industry has to comply, adapt and find alternative options in the longer term.’

In a fast-changing world, agility and adaptability are key to survival, he adds. According to Brunet, developments in China have demanded plenty of energy and leadership from BIR.

‘BIR has been at the forefront of the advocacy battle, interfacing with the World Trade Organization and the Chinese authorities, co-ordinating the efforts and positions of our national trade federation members, visiting our Chinese members and voicing the interests of the global recycling industry, including the Chinese ones,’ he reasons. 

BIR has positioned the recycling industry strongly in the debate, Brunet believes. Although ‘only some marginal successes’ have been achieved in the face of ‘such a strong, long-term, organised, political drive’ in China, BIR’s director general insists ‘the story is not over and we continue to advocate our views and offer co-operation to the Chinese authorities, as we now have to see how all this will be implemented and become concrete.’

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