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BIR calls on world leaders to support Global Recycling Day

Worldwide – When it comes to innovative ideas, it helps if they enjoy wide backing to increase their potential impact. On that note, world leaders are being asked to put recycling commitments on their New Year’€™s resolution list and by doing so support the first-ever Global Recycling Day. To be held on March 18 this year, this initiative has been undertaken by the BIR world recycling organisation to raise awareness of the need to shift global perceptions of what is often considered as waste, seeing it rather as one of the Earth’€™s most valuable resources.

The Earth has six primary natural resources – water, air, oil, natural gas, coal and minerals – but they are rapidly running out, BIR laments.

‘The Seventh Resource’ is the phrase coined by BIR’s president Ranjit Baxi to cover the goods and materials around us which we have a duty to use and reuse. These can be used time and time again – and, in some cases, indefinitely, it is stressed.

BIR, through the Global Recycling Day, is asking the world to collectively think ‘Seventh Resource’ and to prioritise its use across the planet.

Now the question is; who will be the first world leader to voice support for World Recycling Day?

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