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Beatson Clark goes down optical sorting route for glass

United Kingdom – UK company Beatson Clark has invested £840 000 (US$ 1.28 million) in its recycling plant at Rotherham.

The previous manual sorting system has been replaced by an optical machine which uses light and cameras to sort glass of different colours and to identify ceramics, stones and porcelain which can cause defects in the glass and damage the furnace if not removed.

An overbelt magnet and eddy current sorter pulls out any metals from the glass; metals are then baled automatically. The new plant processes six tonnes of materials per hour compared to 3.5 tonnes under the previous system.

‘Sourcing the right quantity of glass cullet can be difficult at times so our new, improved recycling plant will help to prevent us running short,’ says the company’s supply chain manager Colin Saysell. ‘The improvements will also help us to reduce our carbon footprint as the recycled material only has to travel a few metres from the plant to the furnace rather than being brought in from a recycling processor several miles away.’

Beatson Clark, which makes glass bottles and jars for the food, drink and pharmaceutical sectors, holds the contract to manage Rotherham’s recycling collections.

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