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Back with a bang: worldwide recycling community celebrates innovation in Munich

It’s been a week like no other. The reason? IFAT has come to town. The expo once again became the melting pot of the global recycling industry, with visitors and exhibitors all in high spirits.  

More than 150 000 people walked the many trade show halls this week. You name it, they had it; robotic sorting lines, magnetic recovery systems, shears, balers, shredders, recycling software, material handlers, attachments, the latest cleaning and sweeping trucks – the list goes on!

The experience was unanimous in that the IFAT expo gave people a much needed opportunity to connect with others from the industry, both clients and fellow tech providers. The large-scale event underscored that the recycling industry is not merely about technology and big business deals. It’s about people.

It’s no surprise that meetings went on longer than usual as everyone took the time to catch up while enjoying a glass of wine or a typical German beer. There was live music in practically every hall at closing time and scrap art, colourful lights, banners and flowers decorated the booths.

This year, IFAT is not just a celebration of the circular economy or smart systems, it is a celebration of life, exhibitors observed. ‘We have to seize the moment,’ says Laura Minotto of Italian shredder specialist Bano Recycling. ‘Now more than ever, we have come to realise how precious life truly is. It’s a new chapter for the world and for recyclers, too. I’m glad to see that the confidence in the market is growing again. People are glad to be back on the road, back in action. Our order book reflects this!’

Austrian firm Lindner came prepared, taking a crew of no less than 40 people to IFAT. ‘As you can tell from the size of our booth, we have big expectations,’ says marketing manager Pia Maria Steiner. ‘We brought engineers, product managers, our communications team, hostesses  – all to help answer specific questions from the hundreds of thousands of visitors. And to make the people feel welcome.’

Are you curious to take a look inside the IFAT halls? Feel free to browse the photo gallery >>

Stay tuned for the detailed IFAT review, which will be published in the upcoming issue of Recycling International.

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