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Australia keeps anti-dumping duties on four rebar importers

Australia is maintaining its special duties against four out of five countries accused of dumping reinforcing bar consignments on the national market.

The Australian Anti-Dumping Commission began an inquiry on 28 March 2022 on whether anti-dumping measures taken against rebar imports from Greece, Spain, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand were justified.

It has ruled that only Thailand will be exempt from further duties. Sanctions against Thailand will expire on 7 March. The anti-dumping duties are at the following levels:

  • Greece – 42.1%
  • Indonesia – 0 to 9.3%
  • Spain – 6.3%
  • Taiwan – 4.4%

The products subject to the reviews are under the HS codes 7213.10.00.42, 7214.20.00.47, 7227.90.10.69, 7227.90.90.01, 7227.90.90.02, 7227.90.90.04, 7227.90.90.42, 7228.30.10.70, 7228.30.90.40 and 7228.60.10.72.

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