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An ‘unequalled arena’ for circular materials debate

Sweden – The renowned Chalmers University and Nordic Publishing have joined forces in organising the Circular Materials Conference, which will take place next year on 11-12 May in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Speakers at the third edition of the event include professor Gunter Pauli, professor Christian Ekberg of Chalmers University, scientist Patrick Wäger of the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, and Anders Wijkman of the Swedish Association of Recycyling Industries.

Topics of discussion will be; recovering scarce technology metals from end-of-life equipment, updating business models to enable a ‘blue economy’, improved mapping of steel recycling from an industrial perspective, new opportunities for plastics recycling – and many more. A special workshop will be organised on the second day by entrepreneur James Greyson, Head of BlindSpot Think Tank – about the leap from current thinking and policy to tomorrow’s circular economy.

The event hosts hope to establish ‘an unequalled arena’ where parties involved in circular materials economy can meet, share experiences, discuss prerequisites and solutions, and realise future business growth.

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