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Alba keeps hold of metals business

Alba has reversed its decision to sell off its steel and metals division Alba SE ‘in view of the dynamically developing economic and political environment’.

The original plan to sell Alba to a strategic investor was announced in March 2022.

Now, in a news release, the company says: ‘In view of the dynamically developing economic and political environment, Alba wants to further expand the business with steel and metal scrap and use economic opportunities that result from the offensive climate protection policy.’

Ceo Robert Arbter says circumstances have ‘fundamentally changed’ since March 2022. ‘With the Ukraine war and the European and German progress in climate protection policy, the past year has shown that raw material and energy security are becoming more and more important. And the recycling of steel and metals plays a key role here in order to reduce the industry’s costs for energy and CO2 emissions and to secure advantages in international competition.’

He adds: ‘Alba will continue to occupy the strategically important business area for green steel and green metal for climate protection and will jointly expand it within Alba’.

Beyond expectations

The metals division is said to have developed ‘extremely positively in a difficult environment despite volatile markets’ and the business return in 2022 is considered beyond expectations. ‘The new Alba board therefore sees promising long-term development prospects in the area of ​​steel and metal recycling,’ the release added.

Alba continues to invest in and develop its 21 steel and metal sites. Most recently, a innovative sorting system for aluminium using laser technology was inaugurated at the Hoppegarten site east of Berlin in mid-May.

We are planning for the long term,’ Arbter concludes. ‘We are increasing our investments in the steel and metal sector. The Hoppegarten example in particular shows that Alba wants to remain a pioneer in recycling.’

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