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AI sorting pioneer Everestlabs expands in California

US robotic sorting specialist  EverestLabs reports a new recycling line is now successfully running at Alameda County Industries (ACI) in San Leandro, California.

The latest investment in the RecycleOS system represents an expansion of an existing robotic sorting line which was commissioned last summer. The artificial intelligence-powered sorting solution by EverestLabs can hit 208 picks per minute, which the company claims is 49% more than the performance of traditional sorting systems.

EverestLabs hopes its smart technology, developed with proprietary hardware and software, will help solve ‘one of the great challenges facing the world’.

‘We continue to work to create a world where no recyclable is left behind,’ says company ceo Chris Jodoin. ‘We are proud to continue to increase the operational efficacy of leading recycling plant across the US by performing quality control tasks with 99% uptime, high AI accuracy of 95%+, and robotic efficacy rate of over 90%.’

Jodoin, who became ceo of EverestLabs in April, says he is ‘tremendously excited’ about advancing automated sorting technologies to further boost recycling rates.

Benefits of the RecycleOS system include:

  • Suitable for any space, any footprint
  • High speed recovery cells
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance
  • High uptime
  • Data driven selection of equipment configurations
  • >90% pick efficacy

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