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AHK launches sampling hub 

Alfred H Knight (AHK) has launched its own specialist sampling service following the successful opening of a new site in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. 

From managing and operating existing sites to building bespoke sampling hubs on behalf of clients, AHK says it is now capable of providing a wide range of sampling services. It is already supporting recyclers treating electronic scrap and incinerator bottom ash. 

The process begins when AHK’s sampling hubs receive material on an industrial scale. The input is divided into samples that are analysed at the group’s laboratories. The experts follow the Theory of Sampling, working within ISO standards and the company’s own standard operating procedures to achieve commercially reliable results.

‘The launch of our sampling hub services marks an important milestone for AHK, says Patrick Le Mare, Global Industry Lead for Circular Economy. ‘Our services support a hugely important market for sustainability and we are proud to be one of the first independent organisations to undertake sampling of circular economy related materials at this scale.’

Building on over 140 years of experience, AHK aims to expand its capabilities to help other organisations around the world to improve their own sampling capacity and better determine the commercial value of their materials.

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