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Adidas joins footwear recycling venture

Polyolefins producer Braksem has received a research grant of more than US$ 50 000 (EUR 46 400) to advance polymer recycling technology.

The Remade Institute, a multi-stakeholder sustainability group, awarded the funds to target ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) used in the footwear industry. Braksem, major sports brand Adidas, and Allbirds shoes – all members of Remade – are working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Together, they are running a ‘sustainable footwear’ R&D project to reduce the waste generated by cross-linking EVA to improve elongation, rigidity, aging and heat resistance properties. Their efforts aim to realise reuse of process scrap and the recyclability of post-service parts.

Braksem engineer Kimberly McLoughlin says the company wants to create the next generation of manufacturing and materials science technologies. ‘We commend REMADE for its leadership in effectively bridging government and industry to accelerate the path forward to a more sustainable economy and society.’

The US Department of Energy and Remade awarded US$ 10 million to 14 selected ‘eco-friendly’ R&D projects in October. The Institute has supported nearly 100 innovative projects since its launch in 2017, providing backing of US$ 100 million.

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