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A year of changes at Galloo

Belgium – This year has already ‘triggered a lot of changes for Galloo’ with the reorganisation of its 53 branches in Belgium, France and the Netherlands into a ‘new and simplified structure’, the leading recycler has confirmed.

Many branches have been consolidated into umbrella corporations and all now bear the name Galloo. ‘This optimisation enables us to cut the red tape for our suppliers and employees,’ states newly-installed Managing Director Pierre Vandeputte. His elevation follows the decision of his predecessor Antoine Vandeputte to ‘hand over the baton to the next generation’.

Looking back on a recycling career spanning 48 years, the Galloo veteran says he ‘could not have imagined a better moment to step aside from day-to-day business’. And he adds: ‘I have been planning for some time to slow down a bit. Now that the course for the next few years is set, I have asked the Board of Directors to appoint Jan Vandeputte, Pierre Vandeputte and Rik Debaere as managing directors. They will continue to campaign for the company as they have done until now.’

Eager to closely monitor his ‘life’s work’, Antoine Vandeputte states he will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Established in 1939, Galloo has grown from a small scrap yard in Menen, Belgium, into a major recycler of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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