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A closer look at innovative sorting technology

Germany – In comparison to traditional processing techniques, sensor-based systems are said to operate more cost-efficiently and to guarantee higher throughputs. As the application range of this equipment steadily expands, the relevance of sensor-based sorting techniques is growing in all areas of processing. The full impact of modern-day sorting solutions will be touched upon at the Sensor-Based Sorting 2014 conference, held from 11-13 March in Aachen, Germany.

The sixth Sensor-Based Sorting conference will focus on modern and efficient sensor technologies in the primary and secondary resource industries. The event will take place under the scientific management of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Pretz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Wotruba and Dr.-Ing. Alexander Feil of RWTH Aachen University, a technology research body.

Presentations will be given in English and will focus on sorting operations which detect the diverse characteristics of the feed material through use of intelligent sensor technology followed by a selective discharge of positively-identified particles. Progress in sorting in the fields of scrap metal, plastics, recovered paper and glass, among others, will be addressed.

The congress will also feature an exhibition and networking dinner.

For more information, contact:

RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

Phone: +49 241 8095 700

Email: [email protected]

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