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7-grand investment for Greece to realise ‘high quality’ recycling infrastructure

The Greek island of Corfu has been granted more than EUR 700 000 worth of funding to boost its recycling performance as part of the European Union’s Ionian Islands Operational Programme, according to Theodoros Galiatsatos, regional governor of the Ionian Islands.

Greece has an average recycling rate of around 16%, which is considerably lower than the EU’s average 44% recycling. Corfu, one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations, has just received financial aid to get its recycling rate on the right track by 2020.

The sum of  EUR 713 000 was made available to enhance the island’s recycling infrastructure; it will see over 1500 collection bins varying from 660 litres to 1100 litres being placed at community hotspots.

This is believed to boost ‘high quality’ separate collection of metal, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard, as well as organic waste. The materials may be deposited in yellow bins, blue bins (two types), brown bins, and green bins.

All collected recyclables will be sent for further processing and recovery at the local Centre of Management of Recyclable Materials. The operation is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund.

Keeping innovation alive

Efforts to introduce eco-innovations in Greece have continued in recent years despite challenging economic conditions, with most investments going to the construction sector and sustainable energy industry (solar cells).

Approximately 48% of the SMEs in Greece have one or more full time employee working in a ‘green’ job at least some of the time, while the average is number of 2.8 full time green employees per SME.

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