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Recycled universe is keynote BIR theme

BIR’s keynote speaker at its upcoming convention and exhibition is to be Lucy Hawking, daughter of the famous theoretical physicist, Sir Stephen Hawking.

In her keynote address, Lucy will consider the universal law of cosmic sustainability as discovered by her father: nothing is lost, only transformed. She will touch upon her father’s life and work and how they worked together to write a series of books for children on the universe which concludes we are all formed from the recycled products of stars.

The event runs from 31 May until 2 June and Hawking’s appearance will be on the second day. She is an English journalist, novelist, educator and philanthropist whose main objective is to make science accessible and entertaining.
As well as editing the text for her father’s final and posthumous book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Hawking wrote the afterword and recorded the audio version for Audible and BBC Radio. She has also made documentaries for the BBC about the impact of technology on different aspects of human life. She is currently working on a series of podcasts about the future of the human race in space, a virtual reality experience based on black hole theory and a new book series for young readers.

In 2008, Hawking won the Sappio Prize for Popularizing Science and in 2015, the UNSW medal for Outstanding Science Communication. She is a regular judge for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge in Palo Alto, USA.

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