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Six tips: how to recycle your care products?

The mountain of plastic waste is getting bigger and bigger. This needs to be stopped. Fortunately, some things are already being done to reduce this mountain of waste mountain. For instance, we are increasingly separating our waste and recycling our products. There are plenty of products you can give a second life to, for instance your care products. Read all about it below.

1. Recycle your care products

There are countless recyclable products in the world that can be reused to make new products. Take oral care products, for example. For instance, you can recycle your brush heads, manual toothbrushes and toothpicks. These products can be reused in the production of new products. So your old toothbrush can be turned into a plastic shampoo bottle, for example.

2. Use products without plastics

You can also buy eco-friendly care products. Think, for example, of a toothbrush made of bamboo or plastic free toothpaste tablets. These plastic free toothpaste tablets are ideal for the environment as they do not contain any plastic. So you don’t just leave your tube of toothpaste lying around after it runs out. You can easily take the tablets and then brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth this way is also a lot nicer for yourself. Furthermore, the tablets are also vegan, so you know for sure that the products used are good for the earth. You can also take the tablets with you on vacation, because they are very small and don’t take up too much space. And you can never use too much toothpaste, because you only need one tablet for each use. Waste is also well prevented by using these toothpaste tablets.

On Fleeck you can find many more products that are good for your teeth as well as for the planet.

3. Separate the waste

Secondly, it is important to separate your waste. You are guaranteed to have more waste in the bathroom than you realise: cotton buds, cotton pads, an empty perfume bottle, used-up mascara and shampoo bottles. It’s important not to throw all this in the same bin, but instead to start separating the waste.

For example, did you know that you should not throw a full shampoo bottle, bath foam bottle or bottle of body lotion in the plastic waste? This is because it may contain dangerous, flammable substances. It is therefore important to sort this with the residual waste. Is it completely empty? Then these products are allowed in plastic waste. 

4. Use refillable products

Instead of throwing away your shampoo bottles, reuse them. That way, the bottle itself is a one-time buy and you can use it in the bathroom indefinitely. All you have to do is refill the plastic bottle with a shampoo, bath foam or conditioner. Therefore, collect all kinds of bottles and jars instead of throwing them away without thinking about it. As a result, you have less waste.

Moreover, there are many other beauty products you can reuse. Think about reusable make-up wipes and cotton pads. When they are used, you can simply wash them in the washing machine. This saves a lot of waste and money. So you do your bit to become a plastic-free world, and your wallet will be happy about it. A nice win-win situation.

5. Buy care products made of recycled materials

Instead of recycling by yourself, you can also buy products made from recycled materials. When you are in the store, it is wise to pay attention to what you buy. Think of products that are already made of recycled materials, such as a toothbrush made of bamboo and a razor made of metal.

This way you can easily do your part towards saving the planet. It is also important to be careful with the products you buy. Think carefully about what products you need, and do not buy unnecessary care products. 

And also a good tip while shopping: always bring your own shopping bag, so you don’t have to buy a plastic bag in the shop anymore. Saves money and it’s better for the earth.

6. Choose second-hand more often

Buying second-hand stuff instead of new products is a step in the right direction. You give products a second chance, as they are not thrown in the rubbish. By doing so, you reduce the huge mountain of waste.

Okay, of course you don’t have to buy a second-hand toothbrush or a second-hand mascara. That’s not really hygienic. But you can buy second-hand organisers to put your bathroom stuff in. Think about boxes, trays and empty glass bottles.

You can sort your products in these boxes and trays, and use the bottles for shampoo and bath foam. Visit the local thrift shop or take over products from friends that they would otherwise throw away. And, of course, the same goes the other way round: products you no longer use can be taken to the thrift shop or given away to someone.

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