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Tennessee invests further in tyre recycling scheme

The US state of Tennessee has awarded US$ 750 000 (EUR 736 500) to Tennessee Tire Recycling (TTR) for its plan to manage used tyres across counties.

TTR, based in the city of Lebanon, estimates it will process upwards of 700 000 end-of-life tyres at a cost of around US$ 1.6 million. The company, which is a division of Rockwood Sustainable Solutions, will make up the difference.

‘We are proud to support the business community in its efforts to implement environmentally responsible actions,’ says David Salyers, commissioner of the state’s Department of Environment and Conservation. ‘We are a resource, not just a regulator,’ he adds, underlining the desire to provide grants ‘that help protect our natural resources and grow local economies throughout the state’.

Tennessee established the Tire Environmental Fund in 2015 which is backed in part by recycling fees paid by consumers when buying a new vehicle. To date, almost US$ 4.5 million has been handed out, helping to divert over 3.6 million tyres, weighing 42 500 tonnes, from landfill.

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