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Donoso fears for EU paper exports

Paper recyclers have added their voice their concern to the European Union’s impending update regulations on waste shipments.

Following approval by the European Parliament in January of stricter procedures and control measures including a ban on all waste destined for disposal, Francisco Donoso, president of BIR’s paper division, argues the EU is treating secondary materials as if they were all the same.

‘[This is] a position which, in my view, is neither fair nor reasonable,’ he writes in the latest BIR Mirror on the sector. ‘Exports of recovered paper are always for recycling and never for disposal and yet the same restrictions will apply, with the result that recovered paper exports will be much more difficult in future.’

Donoso says every paper mill interested in importing from the EU will have to pass strict audits to demonstrate that its production standards are equivalent to those in Europe – but these audits are not deemed necessary for European mills when buying.

On a brighter note, he reports that China has removed taxes on imports of paper and board, increasing deliveries from other Asian countries, boosting production and OCC demand. ‘

Also improving is vessel and container availability, leading to more helpful freight rates and thus offering a little support to our damaged market,’ he adds.

Meanwhile, Donoso writes, India has reviewed the prescribed limits for non-paper materials in recovered paper consignments from other countries. ‘This new measure will bring further controls in the country of origin and an obligation to recycle all imported material without the option of disposal. It also will bring more bureaucracy in terms of, for instance, documentation and contracts.’

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