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Michelin cleaning up Chile’s dumped tyres

Michelin is building its first tyre recycling plant in Chile. This is the result of its partnership with Enviro, a Swedish company that has developed a patented technology to recover carbon black, oil, steel and gas from used tyres.

The new facility will have a recycling capacity of 30 000 tonnes per year. Michelin says this represents roughly 60% tyres scrapped annually in Chile. More than EUR 50 million will be invested in the site, which is scheduled to become operational in 2023.

Chile currently recycles about 20% of all used tyres.

Enviro underlines that its technology makes it possible to recover all materials in an end-of-life tyre for high-quality applications.

Current plans call for 90% of the recovered materials to be reused in a variety of rubber-based products, such as tyres, conveyor belts and anti-vibration products. The remaining 10% will serve to generate heat and power for the recycling plant.

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