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EuRIC meets in Madrid: ‘Free scrap trade must prevail’

Members of EuRIC, the umbrella organisation for the European recycling industry, gathered in Spain’s capital Madrid in mid-June for the 4th European Recycling Conference.

The event – twice postponed because of the Covid pandemic – was organised with the Spanish recyclers federation FER.

The speakers included recycling industry representatives from around the world: Tom Bird (BIR), Fred Fischer (ISRI, USA), Sanjay Mehta (MRAI, India), Mir Mujtaba (BMR, Middle East), Nigel O’Gorman (BMRA, UK) and Hans van de Nes (EPRA, Europe).

With the proposed revision of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation in mind, they once again called on policy makers not to further restrict the export of scrap materials from Europe.      


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