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EnviroServe backs young e-scrap pioneer

Riva Tulpule, a 15-year-old Indian girl living in Dubai, has collected no less than 25 tonnes of used electronic for recycling over the last four years.

The teenager first got the idea while clearing out drawers filled with broken devices when her family moved. The decluttering mission grew into a dedicated e-cycling campaign called ‘WeCareDXB’.

Tulpule initially rallied friends and family members to donate old mobile phones, laptops and other computer equipment for recycling – the joint effort totalled over 2000 end-of-life devices.

Tulpule wanted to take it a step further and reached out to EnviroServe, also based in Dubai. They provide tours and workshops for youngsters to help spread her recycling message. The EUR 30 million recycling facility, known as The Recycling Hub, processes a total of 100 000 tonnes of waste per, around 40 000 tonnes of which is e-scrap.

Tulpule says her latest eletronics collection project, organised in December, was backed by 15 different schools across Dubai. Thanks to EnviroServe and a growing presence on social media, the teen is hopeful she may take her efforts nation-wide in the coming years.

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