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Upstate’s wire chopping investment puts North America ‘back in play’

United States – US scrap metal processor Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman is installing a US$ 6 million wire chopping plant in Owego, New York State, that will enable the company to handle lower-grade insulated wiring from the shredding process. Describing the refined material as highly marketable, Upstate owner Adam Weitsman promised: ‘€˜This venture will put North America back in play again.’€™

The plant, supplied by French manufacturer MTB Recycling, will process copper, aluminum and lead-coated wire, mainly sourced from Upstate’€™s own yards. The company operates 11 scrap metal collection and processing facilities throughout New York and Pennsylvania.

Additional material will be purchased from third-party shredders and dealers in the US north-east and Canada. A 10 000 square metre warehouse has been commissioned to handle the flow of all non-ferrous material.

MTB’€™s fully automated four-stage-process is said to be capable of separating cable components highly efficiently, yielding aluminium of 99.7% to 100% purity and copper of 98% to 99.9% purity.

Mr Weitsman described the plant as ‘€˜the only proven, premium solution for recovering wire from shredder residue’€™. He added that the company’€™s investment significantly enhanced its sales prospects both domestically and on the export market.

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