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New name for Reukema

One of the oldest metal recyclers in the Netherlands is re-branding. After a century of operating as Reukema, the Harderwijk company has announced that from 1 September it will be known as Myne.

The company’s HQ, yard and container terminal at Harderwijk sources non-ferrous metal scrap from local collectors in the Benelux countries, Germany, France and West Africa and sells it on to processors and smelters mainly in Europe, China, India, Pakistan and South Korea. During the past seven years it has developed its first AI-powered waste-sorting factory, the Xorter.
Another innovation is the customer portal on which customers secure real-time metal prices, sell their metal scrap directly online, view contracts and read the latest news on scrap.

Long-term partnerships

The official website says Reukema has grown in volume every year since 2012 and reduced costs while ‘improving the quality of services towards its customers by simplifying processes through innovation’.
The website goes on: ‘Our top priority at Reukema is to develop long-term partnerships with our customers. We want to be the most valued non-ferrous scrap metal trading partner and hub distributor in the market.’
To celebrate this change and to introduce the Xorter, the company is hosting ‘Myne Circular Metals Day’ on 14 September.

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