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New best practice guide for recycling campaigns

United Kingdom – There is still a marked indifference towards recycling at work, according to a poll undertaken in the UK by independent research consultancy Mindlab International. A large number of respondents admitted simply not bothering if recycling facilities are not provided on site while many confessed to lingering confusion over what items can and cannot be recycled either when at work or at home.

In the research commissioned by Ceris Burns International, a communications agency specialising in the recycling and waste management industries, 44% of respondents said they ′probably wouldn′t make the effort to take their recycling elsewhere if they didn′t have facilities at work′ while 52% were ′confused about what they can and can′t recycle′.

Only half of the respondents avoided buying products with excessive packaging, it also emerged. According to Ceris Burns International, a key finding was that ′people with a negative view of recycling are more likely to change their attitude after seeing positive messages about the benefits′.

To this end, the agency has launched a best practice guide for those designing campaigns to help boost recycling rates (see link below). Recommendations include: recruiting recycling champions at work; running focus groups and consultation exercises; and using a mix of ′traditional′ and ′hi-tech′ communication methods.

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