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ISRI begins search for recycling design winner

United States – The US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) is seeking entries for its 2017 Design for Recycling Award given annually to the most outstanding contribution to products ‘designed with recycling in mind’. Inaugurated more than 10 years ago, previous winners include Cascades Fine Papers Group, Coca-Cola Recycling Company, the US Environmental Protection Agency, Dell, LG Electronics and, most recently, Samsung Electronics America.

Entries can be submitted online before January 20 and the winner will be recognised at ISRI’s Convention and Expo in New Orleans next April. To be eligible, ISRI explains, a product must be designed/redesigned and manufactured to: contain the maximum amount of materials that are recyclable; be easily recycled; be cost-effective to recycle; be free of hazardous materials that are not recyclable or impede the recycling process; and reduce the use of raw materials by including recycled materials and/or components.

‘When designing a product, manufacturers should be giving just as much of a priority to the product’s ability to be recycled as manufacturers do cost, appearance and other factors,’ insists ISRI president Robin Wiener.

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