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Guam’s 2.6 million recycling fund frozen as regulations are pending approval

Micronesia – More than US$ 2.6 million has gone towards Guam’s Recycling Revolving Fund, sourced mainly from recycling fees paid by the island’s consumers. However, the Guam Daily Post urges that the money cannot be touched since rules and regulations for the fund have not been approved yet.

The Recycling Revolving Fund accrues money from recycling fees imposed on Guam’s 162 700 inhabitants renewing their annual motor vehicle registration with the Department of Revenue and Taxation’s Division of Motor Vehicles.

Most importantly, Guam’s recycling fund is meant to support the exportation of solid waste through the Recycling Industry Economic Stimulus Program.

This initiative was introduced in January 2016 by former Senator Rory Respicio and gives certified local recycling companies US$ 30 per ton of recyclable waste exported to off-island facilities.

‘The Recycling Revolving Fund was created to reduce waste streams in areas with junk cars, metal wastes and household appliances,’ says to Nic Rupley of Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA). ‘A draft set of rules and regulations is nearly complete. This will be our third attempt at getting this thing passed.’

He is hopeful the paperwork will get the green light after being declined again last winter to include a number of recommendations. ‘This year, we have the assistance of the Attorney General’s office in drafting this. So once it gets approved by the attorney general, it’ll get passed along to the legislature for their review,’ Rupley adds.

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