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Funding for Scotland’s zero waste ambitions

Scotland – Additional funding worth £1.2 million (Euro 1.5 million) has been made available to help Scotland reach its 50% recycling target set for the end of 2013, the country’€™s Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead announced at the recent Scottish Waste and Resources Conference.

The financial injection is meant specifically to fund improvements to household waste recycling centres and to ensure an increase in glass collections from homes. Administered by Zero Waste Scotland, the money will be available immediately and until April 2013.

‘€˜Our vision for zero waste is a long-term ambition – but getting to the point where the majority of our household waste is recycled will be a major milestone, especially considering that before devolution our recycling rate was just 5%,’€™ Mr Lochhead said at the Glasgow event.

Noting that some local authorities have made ‘€˜huge progress’€™, he elaborated: ‘€˜Seven councils have already hit the challenging 50% recycling target by adopting a ‘€œcan do’€ approach. We encourage all councils to work with Zero Waste Scotland and take advantage of this targeted additional investment to help them make further progress.’€™

The CIWM Scottish Centre, which comprises over 620 members along the waste management chain, has welcomed the recycling boost. ‘€˜A lot has been achieved by our sector – waste professionals and the public – to date but we all have bigger challenges ahead and the continued support of the Scottish government is greatly appreciated,’€™ the CIWM Scottish Centre’€™s Chairman Duncan Simpson has remarked.

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