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Fornnax tech forging ‘green’ future for tyres

Fornnax Technology has secured the Best Tyre Recycling Industry Supplier Award at the recent Recircle Awards.

The tech provider received the accolade at the Futurmotive Expo & Talks Event held in Bologna, Italy in November. ‘The award is evidence of our continuous commitment to cutting-edge machinery to help push the envelope for tyre recycling,’ Fornnax says.

The company intends to transform the recycling sector by tackling end-of-life tyres. Its innovative technology places a strong emphasis on the production of high-quality recycled materials. Ultimately, it wants to create new benchmarks for quality in the tyre recycling sector.

‘This creative solution fits in well with the ongoing movement to reduce carbon footprints in industrial processes and to find more environmentally friendly alternatives,’ Fornnax says.

The company’s recycling equipment is designed to maximise resource recovery, minimise environmental impact, and contribute to a more endurable future in harmony with recycling legislation.

There are currently around four billion end-of-life tyres in landfills and stockpiles around the world with an estimated one billion waste tyres added to the total.

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