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EuRIC elects Michael Schuy as new president

Belgium – Michael Schuy has been appointed as president of the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) during the organisation’€™s general assembly held in Brussels last week.

In his inaugural speech, Schuy, who is a long-time board member of the German steel scrap recycling Confederation BDSV, outlined the importance of continuing the development of the Brussels-based umbrella Confederation for recycling industries.

EuRIC has a ‘pivotal role’ to play in addressing the challenges that recyclers face in their day to day business activities, according to Schuy. He cited excessive administrative burdens and unfair competition from the public sector as hot topics.

Also, EuRIC will further ensure that the benefits recycling brings to the economy, environment and society are acknowledged and ‘effectively reflected’ in legislation, Schuy pledged.

Additionally, it was announced that Schuy will be supported by two Vice-Presidents: Jean-Philippe Carpentier, president of the French Federation of Recycling Enterprises FEDEREC, as well as Alicia Garcia-Franco, director general of the Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling FER.

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