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Educating the recyclers of the future

United States – Millions of US children will have the opportunity to learn about ‘the science of recycling’ from the start of the new term thanks to an education project from the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and JASON Learning.

Together, they have developed ‘real-world school curricula’ to help both teachers and students to understand how the industry employs physics, chemistry and advanced engineering to sort, separate and shred metals, plastics, glass, rubber, electronics and paper for reuse as commodities in manufacturing.

Apart from providing the life-cycle theory for each commodity, the project will also include interactive Web-based experiences. Moreover, it will take students to the centre of the ‘action’ happening at scrap and recycling yards.

By introducing the youngsters to the industry in this way, ISRI believes it may inspire some to pursue careers in recycling. ‘Our hope is that once students see the exciting science and technology involved in recycling, they will not only appreciate the benefits and become strong advocates of recycling, but that they’ll see the industry as a potential career path,’ comments ISRI president Robin Wiener.

‘JASON Learning is committed to connecting kids with real-world science and with the scientists who are doing the work,’ adds its coo Dr Eleanor Smalley. ‘Our partnership with ISRI demonstrates to students the practical uses of related subjects and how they can be part of an exciting future career.’

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