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Dutch offer academic contribution to advance industry

The Netherlands – The Delft University of Technology (TU), located in the Netherlands, has added the Dutch recycling specialist Dr Peter Rem to its staff as professor of ‘€˜Resources and Recycling’€™ in hopes to shine more light on the matter of transforming waste into valuable materials.

‘€˜I am very grateful to see that the TU recognises the importance of recycling and is willing to devote an entire specialism to it,’€™ points out Dr Rem, who states that ‘€˜ground-breaking technologies are necessary’€™ if Western Europe is to double its recycling capabilities in the coming fifteen years.

‘€˜With this position, I intend to pass on my knowledge of the industry to future engineers. Apart from that, I have plans to create a recycling master ‘€“ with help of several other universities abroad,’€™ explains Dr Rem.

According to the new professor, this kind of initiative will make ‘€˜a notable difference in terms of scientific development in the field.’€™ Especially regarding on-going efforts to improve and expand automated systems, he remarks.

Currently, the TU is one of few universities in the world ‘€“ and the only one in the Netherlands ‘€“ to offer an academic contribution to the recycling industry.


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