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‘Deep failing’ in France’s recycling system

Europe – Recycling rates in France are ‘disastrous’, according to a new report published by consumer watchdog UFC-Que Choisir. ‘France only recycles 23%, while incinerating or landfilling 60% of material,’ it argues.

It is still ‘unclear’ how the EU’s 50% recycling target will be achieved by 2020 – let alone the 70% objective set for 2030. France currently recycles 67% of household packaging and will have to work hard to reach 75% in 2016, the report points out by way of example.

There are ‘deep failings’ in the system’s workings, it adds. Not least, recycling organisations are subject to ‘lax requirements’ and are not sufficiently inspected. Recycling results are deemed way below par considering investment in this field climbed 24% between 2008 and 2012 to a total of Euro 6.5 billion.

There is also a severe lack of public awareness about recycling, comments UFC-Que Choisir’s president Alain Bazot. ‘This situation cannot be allowed to continue,’ he insists. ‘There is an economic and ecological urgency.’

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