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Containers Maes instigates fully robotic system

Belgium/Finland – With the first international installation of the now globally available ZenRobotics Recycler technology, Belgium’€™s Containers Maes is embracing what it believes is the ‘€˜future of the industry’€™. The equipment value is stated to exceed US$ 1.22 million (or Euro 1 million) and will run entirely on solar power.

The artificial intelligence-powered recycling solution of Finnish design consists of a powerful conveyor belt feeding system, a specialised sensors package, a robotic picking cell, container bays for recovered fractions and, at the heart of all this, the ZenRobotics Brain’„¢ control system. The technology enables sorting of wood, stone and metal fractions from incoming construction and demolition waste.

According to Werner Willemoons, Environmental Director of Containers Maes, the new recycling solution will shape the sector in years to come. ‘€˜We want to change the game,’€™ he explains. ‘€˜The future of recycling lies in innovative technologies and the efficiency gains they bring. ZenRobotics Recycler is certainly the best available technology in the field.’€™

‘€˜We are thrilled to start the ZenRobotics Recycler revolution in such a highly-competitive, central market as Belgium,’€™ states ZenRobotics’€™ CEO Juho Malmberg. ‘€˜We see Containers Maes as an exemplary, futuristic recycling company ready to embrace the future.’€™ He adds that his company’€™s latest system is already being marketed through a reseller network active in 49 countries around the globe.

ZenRobotics is based in the Finnish capital Helsinki where it currently employs several PhD engineers working on similar innovative projects.

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