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Bright prospects for worldwide oil recycling sector

The global automotive oil recycling market has displayed rapid growth over the last couple of years. The sector is projected to grow at least 10% by 2026.

Heavy industrial applications rely a great deal on recycled oil, according to Transparency Market Research. In fact, more than 75% of automotive recycled oil is used for driving wind turbines, power plants, cement kilns as well as big (steel and asphalt) manufacturing facilities.

It is noted that the motor oil collection and recycling infrastruture is well organised in both North America and Europe.

The increase in sales of vehicles is expected to propel the demand for engine oil in the coming years. This will likely boost the demand for oil as well as the automotive oil recycling market, especially in the Asia Pacific region and Europe. New government regulations on the disposal of hazardous substances will also contribute to strong growth in this niche recycling sector.

In China, fuel demand will increase by about 20% by 2026, while Japan will see a roughly 10% fuel demand decline. Owing to India’s booming car and two-wheeler market, fuel demand is expected to surge 50% in the next few years.

Leading players in the automotive oil recycling industry include:

  • World Oil Corp.
  • Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
  • Waste Management
  • DIRK Group
  • Nexlube
  • Lube Oil Re-refining Co., LLC
  • Pesco Beam Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Oil Re-refining Co., Inc.
  • Alter Fuel Corp.
  • Auto Blue Oils
  • IFP Petro Products (P) Ltd.
Lucian Szokai welcoming the innovative new oil recycling unit.

Meanwhile, US oil analysis firm TestOil has started a dedicated waste oil recycling programme this month. The scheme will reclaim used oil to heat the company’s headquarters, located in Cleveland, Ohio, thanks to a state-of-the-art Clean Burn waste oil furnace.

Clean Burn, based in Wisconsin, says just two gallons of waste oil can provide electricity to run an average household for up to 24 hours. The new unit installed at TestOil’s site is ‘pretty much the Cadillac of oil burning furnaces’, comments company engineer Lucian Szokai. He estimates the system will be able to recycle about 500 gallons of waste oil per year.

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One thought on “Bright prospects for worldwide oil recycling sector

  • It’s interesting that fuel in India should go up 50%. I’m glad that the need for fuel will go down in China and Japan though. It’s best to try and be as green as possible, so I’ll make sure I do my part and recycle my oil.

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