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6 young recycling champions win TV show role

Six UK schoolchildren have won a nationwide competition to be featured in a new animated series about the circular economy.

The British youngsters, aged 5 to 13, will become characters narrating episodes of the educational show Clean Our Planet. The kids were selected from 40 000 families that entered the competition. They each recorded a short video talking about how they are supporting sustainability.

Harry Walton (10): ‘I learned how to make ecoBricks about two years ago when we found a local shop who were collecting them. Our family has been making ecoBricks ever since to try to keep plastic from entering our landfills and oceans. I have also watched several documentaries and learned more about the issue.’

Ese Abhulimhen (13) ‘When I was in Year 4 at primary school, we went on a school trip to the park. During the trip, I saw a bird chewing on plastic and noticed how much plastic and litter there was on the ground. Since then, I have been picking up as much litter and plastic as I can to help stop plastic pollution.’

Kyas Ako-Parker (11): ‘I first found out about plastic pollution in the news. It was very upsetting to see lots of animals getting hurt because of our own selfish human deeds. The world definitely needs to change. Humans are not the only ones living on this beautiful planet.’

The youngest winner, Theia Pearce (5) is hopeful that the animated series can make all the difference to kids her age. ‘I am excited that I will help people stop hurting the animals. I love the animals, and they help us too. I think it’s going to be funny hearing my voice on a cartoon.’

Stephanie Gallagher (12) ‘I think this project can really elevate awareness of sustainability and plastic pollution. I think some children and adults don’t know enough about it.’

Halima Omari-Hakim (8): ‘Wow! I feel so excited to be involved in this new cartoon. I can show my friends and family the animated series, and they can share it with others, so that lots of people see and learn and help.’

The animated series will go into voice-over production this summer with a release scheduled for Q4 this year. The primary target audience will be schoolchildren, but it ultimately strives to bring together the entire family.

The competition was run by Clean Planet Energy, partnered by Scallywags, the UK’s leading child talent agency. 

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