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Stripping an iPhone? Leave it to Daisy

United States: ‘Daisy’ is the name that’s been given to a robot developed by Apple for the deconstruction of its iPhones – another example of the company’s increasing focus on reuse and refurbishment as a future business model.

According to the company, Daisy builds on a previous generation of technology dubbed ‘Liam’, which Apple developed to recycle iPhones and remove components to be reused for other purposes – and not necessarily just for new electronic gadgets.

Daisy can handle nine types of iPhone, according to Apple. ‘We created Daisy to have a smaller footprint and the capability to disassemble multiple models of iPhones with higher variation compared to Liam,’ it explains.

Also, it can recover materials for which recyclers do not yet have the tools, the company claims.

The launch of the new robot comes a year after Apple announced that its smart phones and MacBooks of the future would be made out of 100% recycled materials.

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