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Hungary-Serbia connection in e-scrap

Metal processing company Metal Shredder Hungary (MSH) plans to build a factory in Becej, Serbia, by 2023.

The company will develop its recycling plant based on a ‘zero waste’ technology to collect and process electronic waste, as well as X-ray films from the Serbian healthcare sector.

Announcing the plans, Hungarian foreign affairs and trade minister Peter Szijjarto said the overall investment in the facility would be EUR 1.5 million. The Hungarian government will support the scheme with financing of roughly EUR 900 000.

In March, MSH was named by the Global Recycling Foundation as one its ‘Recycling Heroes’ for its dedication and innovation in local recycling. The winners, who each received US$ 500 (EUR 420), represented countries across the globe whose work ranged from plastic to textiles and household items.

The MSH citation praised ‘an innovative way of extracting elements from X-ray films and promoting use of recovered silver and extracts used to make filters for use in face masks during the Covid crisis. The main focus is the sustainable and efficient recycling of e-waste, extraction of precious and base metals from end-of-life components.’

Read the Recycling international report of the Recycling Heroes awards here.

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