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UK experts: textiles prices could fall further

United Kingdom – The textiles recycling market is showing no signs of turning for the better and prices could continue to fall given ongoing pressure from, for example, cheap clothing of Chinese origin, delegates have suggested at the annual general meeting of the UK Textile Recycling Association (TRA).

Their comments follow the observation from TRA director Alan Wheeler at last October′s BIR Convention in Paris that the value of UK used clothing had fallen ′around 40%′ over the previous 12 months. Specific concerns aired at the recent TRA gathering in London included substantial currency depreciation in Africa and Eastern Europe as well as significant devaluation of the Euro in relation to the pound, thus making UK exports more expensive while also ′slowing down payments from abroad′.

Furthermore, civil unrest in Ukraine/sub-Saharan Africa and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa have restricted goods transport across these regions. Ian Woods of Next Best Clothing is to succeed Ross Barry as TRA president. In his final report in the role, Barry recalled how a business course lecturer had once insisted that, without a doubt, textiles recycling was ′the most complicated and inherently risky′ business he had encountered in his 30 years working with companies of all sizes.


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