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TRI takes over Soex UK

UK firm Textile Recycling International (TRI) has acquired its competitor Soex UK from its German parent company.  

The deal is meant to boost the recycler’s capacity and the number of collection points it has across the country. At the moment, TRI collects, sorts and redistributes more than 400 million garments annually. The recycler says it is passionate about avoiding waste and ensuring used textiles are woven back into the circular economy.

‘We are delighted to welcome Andy Haws and our new Soex colleagues to the group,’ comments TRI ceo Mark Burrows-Smith. ‘Soex are a well-established and respected operator in the used clothing sector. We look forward to integrating the businesses and further developing a number of Soex’s operations.’

Meanwhile, TRI estimates that about 70% of the world’s population wears reused clothing. Recycling still has a way to go seeing as some 350 000 tonnes of used clothing enters UK landfills every year.

In a bid to accelerate change, TRI is backing the Textiles 2030 effort launched by sustainability charity WRAP. The recycler is hopeful this ‘ground-breaking, expert-led initiative’ will harness the knowledge of UK leaders, thus helping the nation’s fashion and textiles industry move towards circularity.

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