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Sensor tech helps recover stolen clothes bank

The UK’s Textile Recycling Association has welcomed the use of sensor tracking technology that recently helped recover a stolen clothes bank in London.

Lontex Exports, which collects and exports quality second-hand textiles to Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, recovered a stolen clothes banks thanks to sensor tracking technology developed by Norwegian waste management technology provider Reen that combines sensors and intelligent cloud-based tools.

Reen installed sensors inside the company’s clothes banks to provide Lontex with better visibility of the location, condition and fill levels of each of its banks to optimise collection processes.

Saving money  

The partnership proved to be very timely because, shortly after the sensor installation, one of Lontex’s larger clothes banks was stolen. The sensor confirmed the bank was missing from its assigned location shortly after it was stolen.

Reen monitored the movement of the bank during the time it was missing. Its approximate position was identified and a helpful local resident provided the exact location so the bank could be recovered, saving Lontex the £800 (EUR 930) replacement cost.

Business threat

‘We welcome the development and use of data-led technologies that can reduce the many negative impacts of clothes bank thefts,’ says TRA’s ceo Alan Wheeler. ‘The public use these convenient banks in good faith with the intention that the clothes will be reused or recycled. Such thefts not only threaten businesses such as Lontex and the thousands of green jobs in the used clothing and textile industry but they also deny many charity partners or cash-strapped local authorities much needed income to deliver their vital services.’

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