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Record-breaking 2013 for UK carpets

United Kingdom – Last year, a total of 107 000 tonnes of old carpet was reused, recycled and recovered in the UK – an all-time record that equates to an increase of 22 000 tonnes (21%) over 2012, according to non-profit organisation Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK).

As a result, the industry has exceeded its target of 25% recycling by 2015 two years ahead of schedule, CRUK points out. This target was set in 2008 when the industry body was launched to tackle the 400 000 tonnes of waste carpet arising annually in the UK.

Volumes have been boosted by improved local collection facilities as well as by the creation of new outlets and innovative end uses for recycled carpet waste, according to CRUK.

Compared to 2012, reuse and recycling of waste carpet climbed 19% or by 7000 tonnes last year while energy recovery jumped 31% or by 15 000 tonnes. The carpet recycling body’s new landfill diversion target is 60% by 2020.

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